Reporting Problem Cricut Design Space Projects

Cricut has created a form to report problems with saved Design Space projects that are not loading properly.

While we cannot guarantee that all reported projects will be fixed, we will put every effort to address them.

Please share this link widely so we can collect as much data as possible.

– Cricut

Report a Cricut Design Space Project

Report your problems with saved projects using this link:

This is a simple form to fill out.

You will be providing:

  • Your name
  • Your Cricut account email address
  • URL to the saved project
    • This is the web address when you have the project open in Cricut Design Space in your web browser.
  • Name of the saved project
  • Does this project contain images you uploaded
  • Name any system fonts used in the project
    • If you used any fonts from your computer, not from Cricut.
  • Description of the problem

Make the most of the form

To be as helpful as possible provide specific information in the description of the problem. Issues that may be obvious to you may not be as obvious to someone who is not familiar with your project or what you were trying to design.

Use the form once for each project, do not try to include multiple projects or issues in one form.

Don’t think that because you’ve seen your problem mentioned online somewhere that Cricut will take care of it. Knowing how often a problem is occurring will help Cricut prioritize their work. If it’s important to you to get fixed quickly you will want to take a minute to fill out the form.

Many people take time to comment and vent in a Facebook post or other forums about their frustrations. Cricut is giving us a direct channel to address issues with this form. If you can comment online, you can take the time to fill out this form as a positive action for change.

Cricut Support

While we try to help where we can, Crafts By Two are not Cricut employees. If you are having problems with your Cricut machine or Design Space you will want to contact Cricut support.

Answers to Common Questions

Cricut has a ton of great documentation and answers to common question on their website at:

Contact Support

If you need to speak with Cricut support their contact information and hours of service are available at: